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Monday Mailbag - Sooners, Aggies and Davonte Neal

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Starting a new feature on the blog as the recruiting season picks up and spring ball starts across the country: The Monday Mailbag. My colleague Bruce Feldman runs a similar feature on Friday that is a must-read but there are plenty of questions out there that need answering and, well, I'm here to answer them since college football is very much a 24/7/365 sport nowadays. So without further ado, let the smorgasbord of questions commence.
Great start to the mailbag because it's a chance to bring up Dennis Dodd and Brett McMurphy's early top 25 ballots. I'm sure there's some griping from plenty of fans about how both have the order but I pretty much see eye-to-eye on most of the picks. To answer the question, I see a few teams that are a tad over-hyped going into next year, starting with Oklahoma, especially at number three overall. Are they top-10 worthy? Absolutely with 15 starters coming back and quarterback Landry Jones among them. But the way they struggled down the stretch last season was worrisome, especially with the injuries to Dominique Whaley and Ryan Broyles and how the offense just wasn't the same. I'm guessing the coaching staff will put more emphasis on spreading the ball around and hope for a boost in the run game with all of the tailbacks healthy to provide more consistency. Don't discount the loss of defensive coordinator Brent Venables either, the guys were not around for when Mike Stoops was and he didn't recruit them so it will take a little time to develop some chemistry. With plenty of time to study it, I don't think the 'Belldozer' package will be as effective as it was in 2011 unless there's more passing to keep defenses honest.

One other factor that should be noted is it'll be a tough Big 12 this year with newcomers TCU and West Virginia both having good teams on top of rival Texas taking what should be a step forward this year. It's possible the Sooners have a better team than last year but doesn't mean they'll be able to take advantage. I also expect several of the incoming recruits to see extended playing time, especially among the tight ends and receivers (I'd guess Taylor McNamara and Durron Neal for sure) Stoops signed.

A few others that are a tad over-hyped: Wisconsin, Florida, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame. Under appreciated? You're looking at TCU, Kansas State, Nebraska and South Carolina.
Great timing for this question considering what the Aggies did on the recruiting trail over the weekend. Seven commitments is an impressive number and pushes the program to a nation's best 13 total commitments for the class of 2013. After already grabbing a top 15 class with the group they just signed, Kevin Sumlin and his staff have certainly hit the ground running. It helps tremendously that several of the coaches came over from Houston and had already been evaluating some of these recruits and developed a prior relationship. One of the things that I got when talking with Sumlin last month was that he certainly would make it a point to sell the fact that A&M was the only SEC program in the state. While Texas will almost always have the pick of the litter when it comes to in-state guys, you can tell recruits going forward will give a longer look at playing in College Station because of that. With the 2013 class, they have two excellent offensive linemen who are two of the top five or ten guys along the line in the state and they have a handful of speedy playmakers on both sides of the ball committed as well. Bottom line is that the program has jumped out to a big start and probably should be able to hold on and better what they did on Signing Day in 2012.

Darrell, surely you know by now not to go against the great Les Miles. The Mad Hatter had a great team last year that went through a lot off the field that some people forget. I think the national title game helped, in some respects, prepare this team for 2012 because it tempered expectations a little and also gave them a reason for the team to think, 'it's us vs. them,' in some respect.

I'm like most writers and have LSU #1 based on what they return and disagree that they lose "key" players so that prohibits them from taking the top spot in the preseason. It could be, for example, a positive that the rotation of Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson is over and the Tigers stick with talented transfer Zach Mettenberger, who many expect to grab hold of the job this spring.

LSU returns only five starters on defense but they rotated so many players in last season that I don't think it will be an issue for them as younger players like Anthony Johnson get more snaps. Incoming freshmen like Avery Johnson - Patrick Peterson's younger brother mind you - should be able to contribute early on special teams and offense to complement the strong run game the team should have. The national championship game really colored a lot of people's opinion of LSU the wrong way and it's sometimes good to remember that there's a lot of talent on this squad.
Neal is referring to Scottsdale (Ariz.) athlete Davonte Neal, who will be committing to a school Tuesday morning. His recruitment has been an interesting one, not only waiting nearly a month after Signing Day to pick but because of all the twists and turns he's taken. First off, he's a dynamic playmaker who is built to be a slot guy in a spread offense and get the ball in space. He's also a solid cornerback and should play early on special teams no matter what - there's a reason he's a top 100 player in the class of 2012.

Neal is quiet and it was like pulling teeth for a while to get him to mention a school he had interest in before his senior season ended. He's taken a lot of recent official visits and most have him picking between Notre Dame, Arizona and Arkansas tomorrow. I've heard good things about Notre Dame in this case but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up staying close to home and picking Arizona either. His high school head coach was recently hired there and family is very important to Neal so there are definite draws for the Wildcats. Old CBS Sports pal Rich Rodriguez no doubt told the 5-foot-9, 170-pounder how well he'd fit in the offense down in Tuscon too. I'll stick with a cautious prediction of Neal going to South Bend but I would be surprised for him to state in-state either.

That will wrap things up for the first Monday Mailbag, plenty of others to come in the weeks and months ahead. Tweet your questions to me at @BryanDFischer on Twitter and I'll try and answer as many as I can.

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Examining LSU's recruiting class

Posted by Bryan Fischer

In case you haven't heard there is a, well, epic match up on CBS this week between Alabama and LSU in Tuscaloosa. As part of extensive coverage of both teams on CBSSports.com and CBS Sports Network, the Eye on Recruiting will be breaking down the biggest reason each team is thinking BCS national championship this year: the players they are recruiting.

Today we'll take a look at what Les Miles is doing on the trail. The Tigers currently have 20 commitments for the class of 2012.

Team Ranking: 6th overall, 3rd in the SEC
Number of recruits: 20
Number of five-stars: Zero. Three four-star recruits.
Best position:
Offensive line. Vadal Alexander, Derek Edinburgh, Reid Ferguson, Patrick Miller.
Weakest position:
Quarterback, zero commitments.
Top recruit:
#54 Vadal Alexander (left)
Defensive end Danielle Hunter.
Top target:
#9 overall recruit Landon Collins.

Under Nick Saban a few years ago and now under Miles, LSU has consistently been near the top of the SEC and overall team recruiting rankings. Though they have rarely landed the top overall class in the country, they have done a great job of locking up every good player in the state of Louisiana and then hand-picking talent from Texas and the rest of the South to put together a strong run on the recruiting trail. In fact, there may not be a more consistent program in the country than the Tigers over the past decade, thanks in large part to a great talent base that has consistently churned out quality SEC and eventual NFL players year after year.

This year's class is really build around both lines with a handful of skill position talent that should be able to redshirt and develop given the youth already present on the team. Alexander is the top player and could be either a guard or a tackle while Miller is a prototypical left tackle that only needs to pack on a few pounds before he can jump in and play. On the defensive side, Torshiro Davis is a lightning quick speed rusher at outside linebacker/defensive end while Hunter is someone who isn't a highly rated guy but can develop like so many great defensive linemen have in Baton Rouge. Others, such as corner Jalen Mills, could contribute early on special teams while learning from the veterans ahead of them.

The one glaring need for this class is probably at quarterback. Though two signal-callers signed last year, the Tigers will be losing two seniors in Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee. A lot of players have already committed so LSU might look at taking a chance on someone under-the-radar knowing they'll likely redshirt with two players in front of them. They will also target another couple of players on defense.

Two priorities for Miles' staff are first and foremost keeping their current group together through Signing Day and landing in-state defensive back Landon Collins. One player who is openly looking around is Avery Johnson, younger brother of LSU all-everything Patrick Peterson. It's no surprise that he has plenty of programs recruiting him given who he's related to but Johnson is a dynamic receiver who can fit in just about any offense and make plays. While it wouldn't be shocking if Johnson ended up closer to home, it would be big news if Collins went anywhere but up the road a few miles to Baton Rouge. The staff should be busy working on those two as they find another player or two to fill out their class between now and February.

When the purple and gold walk out onto the field in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, they won't be at a talent disadvantage with Miles' keen eye for recruiting and developing SEC players. He's got another great group coming his way in 2012 in what should continue to be one of the biggest games in the SEC West, SEC and nationally for years to come.

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Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Posted by Bryan Fischer

"Any little edge."

That's what one assistant once told me about recruiting. Their staff, another staff, everybody's staff. It's how the game is played nowadays.

That's why news that NFL teams might pursue LSU head coach Les Miles after this season will - in some form or fashion - affect the Tigers' recruiting. LSU currently has 19 players committed for the class of 2012, most of whom are solid and will end up putting on the purple and gold. But for some, like wide four-star Pompano Beach (Fla.) receiver Avery Johnson - younger brother of former Baton Rouge star Patrick Peterson - the article about Miles will likely be printed out or emailed to him by the end of the day by other SEC programs.

Any little edge. Create some doubt about the head coach being there to coach a recruit all three or four years he's at a school is one of the most common tactics other coaches use to negative recruit. It was used against Pete Carroll and Kirk Ferentz for years and the same was said of Nick Saban during his time at LSU before he ultimately left for the NFL. Coaches hate it and will do as much as they can to dispel it but still, this type of negative recruiting goes on all the time.

On the NFL side, it's easy to see why Miles fits the mold of a college coach who could make a successful jump up. According to CBSSports' Michael Freeman:

League executives also seem to be impressed with Miles' ability to build and maintain a top-level program. While the challenges and differences between professional and college are obvious -- the salary cap being the biggest -- Miles has made LSU into a staying power in the toughest conference in the country.

The Hat on the NFL sidelines? For LSU and college football fans, we hope not. But either way, it will probably come up to a few players in the Tigers' 11th-ranked recruiting class.

Posted on: August 23, 2011 6:10 pm

Ranking the decade's top recruiting classes

Posted by Bryan Fischer

When I saw my colleague Jeff Borzello rank the decade's top basketball recruiting classes, I thought it was such a good idea I decided to steal follow his lead and do the same on the football side.

Little did I know what a tough job it was, first sorting through each class and then deciding where to rank each one. It's much easier on the basketball side from a sheer numbers standpoint too, an issue when you're talking about several thousand more players on the football field versus on the court. It's a fun experiment and a good chance to see just how far recruits from each year panned out however.

There's no set formula for determining where each class ranks, it's too hard to compare one class with a great college player like Tim Tebow with one that has several players who developed into great players later in their careers. So, after looking up and down plenty of recruiting lists, are the decade's top recruiting classes by year. Feel free to disagree and complain in the comments.

1. 2003

Top Players: Reggie Bush, Ernie Sims, Greg Olsen, LaMar Woodley, Chris Leak, Steve Smith, Vernon Davis, Dennis Dixon, Michael Griffin, Sedrick Ellis, JaMarcus Russell, LaRon Landy and Sam Baker among others.

The class of 2003 laid the foundation for four national titles at two different schools (LSU and USC). The headliner looking back is Bush who, though his many records have an * next to them, was among the most electrifying players on the field. Leak and Caldwell led Florida to a national title and Dixon was on his way with Oregon until injuring his knee. LSU also grabbed first-round picks JaMarcus Russell, Dwayne Bowe, Craig Davis and LaRon Landry.

2. 2008

Top Players: Terrelle Pryor, DaQuan Bowers, Blaine Gabbert, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, Tyron Smith, Marcus Fortson, A.J. Green, Mark Ingram, Terrence Cody, Michael Floyd, Andrew Luck, Jeff Fuller and Corey Liuget among others.

A loaded class at quarterback and wide receiver, 2008 was one of the deepest classes in recent memory and several players are only now wrapping up their college careers. Pryor was the top player coming out of high school and though some people question how he went out, he was nevertheless 31-4 as a starter. It's hard to argue against one of the top NFL prospects in a long time with Luck and Ingram has a Heisman Trophy and national title to his name. With a  strong push from some seniors this season, this class could move into the top spot.

3. 2006

Top players: Percy Harvin, Andre Smith, Beanie Wells, Brandon Spikes, Gerald McCoy, Tim Tebow, Matthew Stafford, C.J. Spiller, DeMarco Murray, Jake Locker and Knowshon Moreno among others.

This class is littered with first-round draft picks and big-time college stars. Stafford the top pick in the draft and Harvin helped Tebow win two national championships before both left with plenty of records at Florida. This also was one of the more balanced classes with plenty of talent at multiple positions.

4. 2007

Top players: Eric Berry, Noel Devine, Ryan Mallet, Carlos Dunlap, Marvin Austin, Joe Haden, Dez Bryant, Tyrod Taylor, Rolando McClain, Lee Ziemba, Brian Price, Aaron Hernandez, Steven Garcia, Brian Bulaga and Joe McKnight among others.

Call this the class of misfits for their share of off-the-field issues but there's no denying this was a group of talented players. The top two guys, Jimmy Clausen and McKnight, failed to live up to expectations placed on them but still put together solid careers in college. Price, Austin, Dunlap and others are part of a great defensive line and Berry was one of the top safeties in the last several years.

5. 2009

Top players: Rueben Randle, Russell Shepard, Garrett Gilbert, Matt Barkley, Trent Richardson, Christine Michael, Cliff Harris, Devon Kennard, Vontaze Burfict, Shane Skov, Aaron Murrary, Dre Kirkpatrick, Manti Teo and Alshon Jeffrey among others.

This is still a class that's a work in progress but you can recognize several of these names on all-conference and all-America lists. There's some great running backs in Richardson and Michael among others and Murray and Barkley have been good, young signal-callers. Some elite linebackers in 2009 as well in Teo, Burfict and even Skov at Stanford.

6. 2005

Top players: Derrick Williams, Eugene Monroe, Mark Sanchez, Rey Maualuga, Jonathan Stewart, Darren McFadden, DeSean Jackson, Brian Cushing, Jamal Charles, Malcolm Kelly, Michael Oher, Doug Worthington, Ndamukong Suh, Colt McCoy and Mario Maningham among others.

Look up and down the top 100 recruiting lists and there were a lot of busts but this year still produced a lot of talent that had success. USC grabbed Sanchez, Cushing and Maualuga among others and they led the Trojans to the best four year winning percentage out this group of recruits (just six losses). Texas also found the winningest Division I quarterback in McCoy and Nebraska got one of the most dominant defensive linemen in years in Suh.

7. 2002

Top players: Vince Young, Haloti Ngata, Marcus Vick, Winston Justice, Tamba Hali, Tony Ugoh, Leonard Washington, Reggie McNeal, Eric Winston, Aaron Ross, Maurice Clarrett, A.J. Hawk and Troy Smith among others.

Not a deep group but a collection of college stars that proved they could beat top teams by themselves. Young is the big name after leading Texas to BCS Championship and upsetting USC in a magical run to the title. Clarrett, Hawk and Smith won a title early on and helped the Buckeyes to years of dominance in the regular season later on.

8. 2011

Top players: Jadeveon Clowney, Curtis Grant, Cyrus Kouandjio, Karlos Williams, Charone Peake, Malcolm Brown, James Wilder, Tony Steward, Stephon Tuitt, Colt Lyerla, Aaron Lynch, Nick O'Leary, Jeff Driskel, Savon Huggins, Ray Drew, Brett Hundley and Jaxon Shipley among others.

The players from the 2011 group haven't taken a snap in college yet but read the fall camp reports and you can see why they're higher than other classes. It wasn't a great year for quarterbacks but there were a ton of defensive linemen that will have an impact early, topped by one of the most dominant players in the country (and athletic freak) in Clowney. Lyerla and O'Leary will play early at tight end and Shipley should have fans in Austin thinking he's a mirror image of his older brother.

9. 2004

Top players: Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn, Calvin Johnson, Early Doucet, Keith Rivers, Chad Henne, Fred Davis, Marshawn Lynch, Zach Miller, Dwayne Jarrett, Glen Dorsey and Michael Bumpus among others.

Peterson burst onto the scene as a freshman and established himself as a top tier running back. Johnson is one of the most athletic wide receivers in the game (some would call him a freak of nature) and he developed in a run-based college offense no less. Doucet and Dorsey had fun in the SEC and Henne was a successful quarterback at Michigan.

10. 2010

Top players: Ronald Powell, Seantrel Henderson, Kennan Allen, Robert Woods, DaRick Rodgers, Marcus Lattimore, Jackson Jeffcoat, Michael Dyer, Jake Heaps, Tony Jefferson, Sharrif Floyd and Jake Matthews among others.

Also a work in progress, were not a ton of impact players outside of Lattimore, Dyer, Heaps and Woods. The two players at the top, Powell and Henderson, have loads of talent but will need battle others to stay on the field. There's time for this group to rise up the list but for now, they're at the bottom.
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Five-stars and the NFL Draft

Posted by Bryan Fischer

Rankings have been around for years. MaxPreps' own Tom Lemming has been doing them well before the days of the internet made four- and five-star players the gateway for most fans to recruiting. In 2002, recruiting sites Rivals and Scout started the current star system and it's always interesting to go back and see where the creme of the crop players (i.e. five-stars) have gone in the NFL Draft. Jackson Clarion-Ledger columnist Rick Cleveland ran an interesting column about the state of Mississippi's consensus five-star recruits not panning out in the draft and it got us to thinking, just where have all the five-stars been drafted? Here's the list broken down by state from the classes of 2006, 2007 and 2008.


WR Julio Jones (Foley High, Foley, Ala.) - Class of 2008, committed to Alabama - Projected Top 15 pick in 2011.
OT Tyler Love (Mountain Brook High, Mountain Brook, Ala.) - Class of 2008, committed to Alabama - Not projected ot be drafted in 2013.
OL Andre Smith (Huffman High, Birmingham, Ala.) - Class of 2006, committed to Alabama - #6 overall pick in 2009.


DE Everson Griffen (Agua Fria High, Avondale, Ariz.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - 4th round pick in 2010.
C Kris O'Dowd (Salpointe Catholic, Tucson, Ariz.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - Projected middle to late round pick in 2011.


QB Mitch Mustain (Springdale High, Springdale, Ark.) - Class of 2006, committed to Arkansas, transfered to USC - Projected late round to undrafted in 2011.


RB Darrell Scott (St. Bonaventure High, Ventura, Calif.) - Class of 2008, committed to Colorado, currently at USF - Not projected to be drafted/drafted in the later rounds in 2013.
OT Matt Kalil (Servite High, Anaheim, Calif.) - Class of 2008, committed to USC - Projected 1st or 2nd rounder in 2012.
OT Tyron Smith (Rancho Verde High, Moreno Valley, Calif.) - Class of 2008, committed to USC - Projected top 15 pick in 2011.
QB Dayne Crist (Notre Dame High, Sherman Oaks, Calif.) - Class of 2008, committed to Notre Dame - Projected middle round pick in 2013.
QB Jimmy Clausen (Oaks Christian High, Westlake Village, Calif.) - Class of 2007, committed to Notre Dame - 2nd Round draft pick.
LB Chris Galippo (Servite High, Anaheim, Calif.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - Projected late round to undrafted in 2012.
RB Marc Tyler (Oaks Christian High, Westlake Village, Calif.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - Projected late round to undrafted in 2012.
CB Donovan Warren (Poly High, Long Beach, Calif.) - Class of 2007, committed to Michigan - Undrafted in 2010.
RB Allen Bradford (Colton High, Colton, Calif.) - Class of 2006, committed to USC - Projected middle to late round pick in 2011.
RB Stafon Johnson (Dorsey High, Los Angeles, Calif.) - Class of 2006 - Undrafted in 2010.
RB C.J. Gable (Sylmar Senior High, Sylmar, Calif.) - Class of 2006, committed to USC - Projected late round to undrafted in 2011.


OT Ryan Miller (Columbine High, Littleton, Col.) - Class of 2007, committed to Colorado - Projected middle round pick in 2012.


CB Patrick Peterson (Blanche Ely High, Pompano Beach, Fla.) - Class of 2008, committed to LSU - Projected Top 5 pick in 2011.
DT Marcus Forston (Northwestern High, Miami, Fla.) - Class of 2008, committed to Miami - Projected 1st rounder in 2012.
OT Michael Brewster (Edgewater High, Orlando Fla.) - Class of 2008, committed to Ohio State - Projected 1st or 2nd rounder in 2012.
LB Nigel Bradham (Wakulla High, Crawfordville, Fla.) - Class of 2008, committed to Florida State - Projected middle rounder in 2012.
OT Matt Patchan (Armwood High, Seffner, Fla.) - Class of 2008, committed to Florida - No NFL draft projection at this time.
DT Torrey Davis (Armwood High, Seffner, Fla.) - Class of 2007, committed to Florida, transferred to Jacksonville State - Undrafted in 2010.
OG James Wilson (Nease High, Ponte Vedra, Fla.) - Class of 2007, committed to Florida - Projected middle round pick in 2012.
RB Noel Devine (North Fort Meyers High, Fort Meyers, Fla.) - Class of 2007, committed to West Virginia - Projected 4th or 5th round pick in 2011.
RB C.J. Spiller (Union Country High, Lake Butler, Fla.) - Class of 2006, committed to Clemson - #9 overall pick in 2010.
OT Sam Young (St. Thomas Aquinas High, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) - Class of 2006, committed to Notre Dame - 6th round pick in 2010.
QB Tim Tebow (Nease High, St. Augustine, Fla.) - Class of 2006, committed to Florida - 1st round pick in 2010.


DT Omar Hunter (Buford High, Buford, Ga.) - Class of 2008, committed to Florida - Projected middle rounder in 2012.
ATH Richard Samuel (Cass High, Cartersville, Ga.) - Class of 2008, committed to Georgia - No draft projection, currently a linebacker.
S Eric Berry (Creekside High, Fairburn, Ga.) - Class of 2007, committed to Tennessee - Number five overall in 2010.


LB Martez Wilson (Simeon Vocational, Chicago, Ill.) - Class of 2007, committed to Illinois - Projected 2nd round pick in 2011.


RB James Aldridge (Merrillville High, Merrillville, Ind.) - Class of 2006, committed to Notre Dame - Undrafted in 2010.


LB Arthur Brown (Wichita East High, Wichita, Kan.) - Class of 2008, committed to Miami, attending Kansas State - Projected late round to undrafted in 2013.


RB Joe McKnight (John Curtis High, River Ridge, La.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - 4th round draft pick in 2010.
S Chad Jones (Southern Lab High, Baton Rouge, La.) - Class of 2007, committed to LSU - 3rd round draft pick in 2010.
DT Al Woods (Elton High, Elton, La.) - Class of 2006, committed to LSU - 4th round pick in 2010.


WR Ronald Johnson (Muskegon High, Muskegon, Mich.) - Class of 2007, committed to USC - Projected middle round pick in 2011.
LB Brandon Graham (Crockett Vocational Tech, Detroit, Mich.) Class of 2006, committed to Michigan - #13 overall in 2010.


WR Michael Floyd (Cretin Derham Hall, Saint Paul, Minn.) - Class of 2008, committed to Notre Dame - Projected 1st rounder in 2012.


WR DeAndre Brown (Ocean Springs High, Ocean Springs, Miss.) - Class of 2008, committed to Southern Miss - Projected late rounds to undrafted in 2011.


OG Baker Steinkuhler (Southwest High, Lincoln, Neb.) - Class of 2008, committed to Nebraska - No draft projection as a defensive tackle.

New Jersey

ATH Will Hill (St. Peters Preps, Jersey City, N.J.) - Class of 2008, committed to Florida - Middle round pick in 2011.
S Myron Rolle (The Hun School, Princeton, N.J.) - Class of 2006, committed to Florida State - 6th round pick in 2010.

North Carolina

LB Brandon Spikes (Crest Senior High, Shelby, N.C.) - Class of 2006, committed to Florida - 2nd round pick in 2010.
OL Carl Johnson (Southern High, Durham, N.C.) - Class of 2006, committed to Florida - Projected middle round pick in 2011.


OL Mike Adams (Dublin Coffman High, Dublin, Ohio) - Class of 2008, committed to Ohio State - Projected as a 1st or 2nd rounder in 2012.
TE Kyle Rudolph (Elder High, Cincinnati, Ohio) - Class of 2008, committed to Notre Dame - Projected 2nd round draft pick in 2011.
WR DeVier Posey (LaSalle High, Cincinnati, Ohio) - Class of 2008, committed to Ohio State - Projected 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2012.
DE Ben Martin (LaSalle High, Cincinnati, Ohio) - Class of 2007, committed to Tennessee - Late round to undrafted in 2012.
RB Beanie Wells (Garfield High, Akron, Ohio) - Class of 2006, committed to Ohio State - 1st round pick in 2009.


DT Gerald McCoy (Southeast High, Oklahoma City, Okla.) - Class of 2006, committed to Oklahoma - #3 overall pick in 2010.


QB Terrelle Pryor (Jeannette High, Jeannette, Pa.) - Class of 2008, committed to Ohio State - Projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder as an athlete in 2012.
WR Jonathan Baldwin (Aliquippa high, Aliquippa, Pa.) - Class of 2008, committed to Pitt - Projected late 1st round or 2nd rounder in 2011.

South Carolina

DE Da'Quan Bowers (Bamberg Ehrhardt high, Bamberg, S.C.) - Class of 2008, committed to Clemson - Projected top 15 pick in 2011.
WR A.J. Green (Summerville High, Summerville, S.C.) - Class of 2008, committed to Georgia - Projected Top 5 pick in 2011.
DE Carlos Dunlap (Fort Dorchester High, North Charleston, S.C.) - Class of 2007, committed to Florida - 2nd round pick in 2010.
DE Ricky Sapp (Bamberg Ehrhardt High, Bamberg, S.C.) - Class of 2006, committed to Clemson - Fifth round pick in 2010.


LB Chris Donald (Huntingdon High, Huntingdon, Tenn.) - Class of 2007, committed to Tennessee, transferred to Tennessee-Chattanooga - Late round to undrafted in 2012.


DE R.J. Washington (Fossil Ridge High, Keller, Texas) - Class of 2008, committed to Oklahoma - Projected in the later rounds to undrafted in 2013.
RB Jermine Calhoun (Van High, Van, Texas) - Class of 2008, committed to Oklahoma - No NFL Draft projection for 2012.
QB Ryan Mallet (Texas High, Texarkana, Texas) - Class of 2007, committed to Michigan, transferred to Arkansas - Projected 2nd rounder in 2011.
WR Terrance Toliver (Hempstead High, Hempstead, Texas) - Class of 2007, committed to LSU - Projected middle round pick in 2011.
OG Tray Allen (Soth Grand Prairie High, Grand Prairie, Texas) - Class of 2007, committed to Texas - Late round projection in 2012.
CB Curtis Brown (Gilmer High, Gilmer, Texas) - Class of 2007, committed to Texas - Projected 3rd round pick in 2011.
LB Sergio Kindle (Woodrow Wilson High, Dallas, Texas) - Class of 2006, Committed to Texas - 2nd round pick in 2010.
QB Matthew Stafford (Highland Park High, Dallas, Texas) - Class of 2006 - Committed to Georgia - #1 overall pick in 2009.
DE Eddie Jones (Kilgore High, Kilgore, Texas) - Class of 2006, committed to Texas - Late round to undrafted in 2011.


QB Tyrod Taylor (Hampton High, Hampton, Vir.) - Class of 2007, committed to Virginia Tech - Projected middle to late round pick in 2011.
WR Percy Harvin (Landstown High, Virginia Beach, Vir.) - Class of 2006, committed to Florida - 22nd pick overall in 2009.
WR Vidal Hazelton (Hargrave Military Academy, Chatham, Vir.) - Class of 2006, committed to USC, transferred to Cincinnati - Projected to go undrafted in 2011.


S Taylor Mays (O'Dea High, Seattle, Wash.) - Class of 2006, committed to USC - 2nd round pick in 2010.
OL Stephen Schilling (Bellevue High, Bellevue, Wash.) - Class of 2006, committed to Michigan - Projected middle round pick in 2011.

Washington, D.C.

DT Marvin Austin (Ballou High, Washington, D.C.) - Class of 2007, committed to North Carolina - Projected 2nd rounder in 2011.
WR Arrelious Benn (Dunbar High, Washingotn, D.C.) - Class of 2007, committed to Illinois - 2nd round pick in 2010.


OT Josh Oglesby (St. Francis High, Saint Francis, Wisc.) - Class of 2007, committed to Wisconsin - Late round to undrafted in 2012.

Posted on: April 1, 2011 9:27 am

4/1 Recruiting Roundup

Posted by Bryan Fischer

No April Fool's Day jokes here. But this one is pretty funny from Dr. Saturday.

- Texas A&M officials have denied that they did anything wrong in the recruitment of Patrick Peterson.

- It's imperative that Michigan State recruit a quarterback for the upcoming class. The Spartans are also targeting several offensive lineman.

- Texas Tech is finally starting to catch up to their in-state rivals in the class of 2012.

- Some more on Georgia Tech offensive line commit Chase Roberts.

- Some reaction to their visit to Michigan from tight end A.J. Williams and offensive tackle Jonah Pirsig.

Posted on: March 31, 2011 5:07 pm

Podcast: Ohio St., Fiesta Bowl, Recruiting & more

We react to recent news regarding Ohio State, the Fiesta Bowl, Auburn and Patrick Peterson. Plus, Recruiting writer Bryan Fischer joins us to discuss the top QBs and RBs of the class of 2012.

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