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Gary Pinkel drops in to see Dorial Green-Beckham

Posted on: January 19, 2012 1:14 pm
Posted by Bryan Fischer

The most popular recruiting tool of the past few years isn't an iPhone or fancy new weight room (though those really don't hurt). You may or may not be surprised to learn that it's the helicopter.

Coaches have been dropping in on recruits thanks to private planes for decades, whisked across the country without wasting time connecting through an airport thanks to the large wallets of their boosters. Lately however, the transportation de jour for impressing high school recruits while saving time has been the helicopter. UCLA's Rick Neuheisel was the first coach to make a memorable big splash with one a few years ago, flying over Los Angeles gridlock to see multiple games on Friday night and to make sure recruits knew that he was coming to see them come hell or high heights.

Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel was the latest to use a chopper when he visited the number one overall recruit in the country, Dorial Green-Beckham, yesterday.

Coach has to do what a coach has to do, right? The Tigers appear to be on the outside looking in for the man known mostly as DGB. The recruit some have compared to Randy Moss will be taking an official visit to Arkansas this week and many have pegged the Razorbacks as the favorite for his signature come Signing Day. Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Auburn are also heavily pursuing Green-Beckham, who has kept quiet about his recruitment and rarely spoken to the media.

Still, he had to be a little impressed with Pinkel's sojourn to Springfield, Missouri this week through the air. We'll tell in two weeks if it worked but the next coach might have to step up their game on the next visit to see Green-Beckham. I'm thinking a Harrier would be impressive and don't think some coach hasn't already thought about it.


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Posted on: January 19, 2012 6:15 pm

Gary Pinkel drops in to see Dorial Green-Beckham

I can drive from Columbia to Springfield in 2.5 hours (leisurely). I understand the showmanship, but my common sense is just screaming "colossal waste of university dollars".   I know a good player can turn a team around, get them to a better paying bowl and make this financial gamble a successful venture.  I get the whole recruiting thing.  But isn't this still a high school kid that could just as easily 1) de-commit with little notice 2) get busted for something stupid 3) decide to go somewhere else  etc. ect. etc.

Seems like a kid should commit to where he wants to play based on the facilities, the program, the education (I know, quit laughing) and not on whether the recruiter/coach shows up in a helicopter, limo, monster truck, or hot air balloon. Guess I'm just an idealist.

Besides, screw the helicopter. A jet pack would have been hellacool ! 

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