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Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Posted on: September 28, 2011 12:08 pm
Edited on: September 28, 2011 8:20 pm

Posted by Bryan Fischer

"Any little edge."

That's what one assistant once told me about recruiting. Their staff, another staff, everybody's staff. It's how the game is played nowadays.

That's why news that NFL teams might pursue LSU head coach Les Miles after this season will - in some form or fashion - affect the Tigers' recruiting. LSU currently has 19 players committed for the class of 2012, most of whom are solid and will end up putting on the purple and gold. But for some, like wide four-star Pompano Beach (Fla.) receiver Avery Johnson - younger brother of former Baton Rouge star Patrick Peterson - the article about Miles will likely be printed out or emailed to him by the end of the day by other SEC programs.

Any little edge. Create some doubt about the head coach being there to coach a recruit all three or four years he's at a school is one of the most common tactics other coaches use to negative recruit. It was used against Pete Carroll and Kirk Ferentz for years and the same was said of Nick Saban during his time at LSU before he ultimately left for the NFL. Coaches hate it and will do as much as they can to dispel it but still, this type of negative recruiting goes on all the time.

On the NFL side, it's easy to see why Miles fits the mold of a college coach who could make a successful jump up. According to CBSSports' Michael Freeman:

League executives also seem to be impressed with Miles' ability to build and maintain a top-level program. While the challenges and differences between professional and college are obvious -- the salary cap being the biggest -- Miles has made LSU into a staying power in the toughest conference in the country.

The Hat on the NFL sidelines? For LSU and college football fans, we hope not. But either way, it will probably come up to a few players in the Tigers' 11th-ranked recruiting class.


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Posted on: October 10, 2011 5:43 pm

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

"Will you please find me a quote where Nick Saban "Regrets leaving LSU'? Please.  Sounds like someone has a little Saban envy."

He said was a statement in reference to leaving for the NFL.
The articale below doesn't have that quote, but it does have some insight to just how much he thought of and cared for LSU when he was there and when he was thinking of coming back to CFB. While most people think he just lied about the 'Bama job, I think you'll see here it was more of 'Bama not listening than Saban lying....he didn't lie, he just shouldn't have been speaking in aboslutes...

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 1:24 am

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Really Les Miles is not going to leave LSU, here’s why Michigan where he went to school tried two times and he staid at LSU when fans called for his head and he get a new 10 year contract. Les know that he has built his dynast at LSU and will most likely retire for LSU. because he know that if and when he retires from lsu he will be lsu's bar bryan. and if Les gets two BCS National Championship LSU fan like my self will love him. and if his dynasty keeps on the track its on i know there will one day be a Les Miles statue out side of tiger stadium. 






O and LSU fans were calling for his head because of how they looked on the field. it seamed no one know what they were doing. and we may have won game but some were by luck.  

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 4:06 am

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Just wait till Les looses a game.  All these LSWho fans that love him right now, will be calling for his head just like they did last year.  Or maybe they're just like AU fans in the fact that if Les beats Saban but looses every other game, all is right in the world! Pathetic!

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 3:59 am

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Will you please find me a quote where Nick Saban "Regrets leaving LSU'? Please.  Sounds like someone has a little Saban envy.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 8:41 pm

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Making the statement that Les will certainly leave his head coaching position at LSU is very presumptuous and based purely on speculation.  While this article suggests there may be some interest from the NFL in Les, it doesn't quote any specific GM or name any particular team, which indicates to me it's nothing more than speculation as well.  Is a team in the NFL interested in hiring Les Miles to be their head coach?  I have to believe that any team that is having less than desired success right now in the NFL would be short sighted if they didn't look at all possible avenues to improve their coaching situation.  And with the success Les has had at LSU, he has risen to the very top of his profession in the collegiate ranks, so it would make sense that some NFL teams might be thinking about talking to Les.  But Les always stated that his dream job was to be head coach at Michigan, that's why he always had a buyout clause in every contract he signed as a college coach, in case he was offered the Michigan job.  Well he was offered that job, twice, since he came to LSU, and he turned it down both times.  He loves the job he has, and his family is very happy living in Baton Rouge.  Leaving LSU under those circumstances would be doing the exact same thing Nick Saban did, and Nick has since said that leaving LSU was a huge mistake he wishes he never made.

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Posted on: October 3, 2011 12:47 pm

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

It is interseting to see the annual speculation that occurs during football season as to what coaches are on the list of "targets" for NFL coaching jobs. When you have success, you bring attention to your program. It is a double-edeged sword because you receive a greater degree of attention for your teams successes and failures. As a coach, I think Les Miles has done an outstanding job albeit unorthodox and confounding at times. Will he ever leave LSU, the answer is yes he will. The bigger questions are when and under what circumstances? Would I have predicted Nick Saban's departure from LSU, again yes. He was a restless coach looking for the next challenge. At the time of his LSU departure for the NFL, he had never held a head coaching job more than 5 years. My opinion is that he looked at the NFL as that next big challenge and he failed miserably because he was no longer THE man. An NFL coach does not have the ability to run a team with the iron fistedness that Saban coaches. He was a bad fit for the NFL, and that was the reason I personally did not think he would head to the NFL. It is a rare college head coach that has had success going to the NFL ranks as a head coach. The last one I recall that was successful at both levels was Jimmy Johnson. Since then,  Butch Davis and Saban come to mind. The jury is still out on Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh. Back to Les Miles, will he leave for the NFL? Perhaps, he certainly seems a better fit philosophically. The flip side is that as the HC at LSU he does not have the highly paid primadonnas to deal with. In the NFL, do you tell the fans that you are benching that $10 million/year RB,WR,QB because he did something stupid. Not likely. As a college coach you have much more control of your team. My personal belief is that it will be less likely that you will see big time college coaches bolt for the NFL for several reasons. Biggest reasons among them are salary and control of the team. There will always be pressure on coaches to win and speculation of their imminent departure for greener NFL pastures. I think that many college head coaches at major programs will look at the landscape and look at the list of successful colleg and then failed NFL coaches (Bud Wilkinson, Bobby Ross, Davis, and Saban to name a few.)  I look at what Les Miles has acoomplished at LSU. He has continued the success Saban started and lasted longer so far, he has won a national championship, he has continued to make LSU relevant in NC discussions, he has been able to recruit exceptionally well, and he has created a pipeline for players to the NFL which dovetails nicely for future recruiting. Not least of which, Les seems to be enjoying himself and dare I say having fun being part of the LSU program and coaching up the kids. Les enjoys the spotlight and being at the top of the heap has its perks. In Louisiana he is arguably the most prominent and popular man in the state, nationally he is popular with many in the media for his unique interviews and quirks (grass anyone!) All that said, I do not believe that Les Miles will leave LSU after this season, but then again I could be wrong.     

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Posted on: October 2, 2011 12:48 pm

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

Of course anything is possible in this frantic world of football, from high-school up to the pros; but I'd wager, at least at this point, that Les Miles won't even be contemplating any moves unless some huge opportunity presents itself AND at the same time his formidable team should show any signs of slipping--both possibilites of which I'd label improbabilities--in which case he just might "might" be inclined to grab a pro offer while the grabbing is good. That said, I reiterate--I seriously doubt this will happen. LSU has an incredible program, an incredible environment for college football and has firmly locked itself in with the likes of Alabama, and Florida of the SEC, and other national programs as a perennial powerhouse. One contributor also already pointed out that it has not in-state rival for the wealth of talent the state produces. Hell, even Mississippi has a bevy of other programs: Ole Miss, Mississippi State and yes, evem USM, all competing for the talent. While there are other universities exist in the state, (Tulane, ULL etc), the fact remains that the undisputed big boy on the block is LSU. If you keep winning there (and in many ways the program reinforces itself) you couldn't ask for a better job--and a consistent flow of lots of money.  
  I don't see it happening; but then again I didn't see Saban jumping ship either. One can only wonder what he might have pulled off had he stayed in Death Valley!  Of course all of this is speculation. In the end, Miles will do what's in the best interest for Miles--and right now barring something none of us are privy to, that would be staying comfortably put in the friendly environs of Baton Rouge.


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Posted on: September 30, 2011 7:29 pm

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

I love Miles being in the SEC and I hope he isnt leaving for any reason as his LSU teams have helped make the SEC the powerhouse confrence it is.This is just a thought and not a rumor or what I hope is happening.I hope he isnt pulling a Pete Carroll and trying to get his name out there so he can get out before any of the recruting rumors come true,like the $80,000 for Peterson,its his younger brother that is looking to back out.Along with the Lyles stuff and other rumors you just never know. 

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 10:14 am

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

LSU fans better care.  Coaching changes can be very damaging to your program.  In the three coaching cahnges at UT we lost 45!!!!!  So you better care!

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 9:46 am

Miles to the NFL? LSU's recruits will hear it

I think he would be crazy to leave.  There does not seem to be a good trend in college HC who go the NFL.  Not to mention LSU may be the best school in the nation to be the HC.  They have a great recruiting state but they don't have the teams in their state like FLA anc Cal.  LSU fans better hope that Steve Kragthorpe stays.  It is obvious that he has made the biggest impact to this team.  BTW John Chavis is one of the best in the country and is loyal to the bone.  He will be at LSU as long as they have a spot for him, but he is a Vol4Life. 
Go Vols!

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