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Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Posted on: May 22, 2011 9:06 am
Edited on: May 22, 2011 9:19 am
Posted by Bryan Fischer

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After a talent-laden Elite 11 on the campus of Ohio State Friday, the Nike Football Camp on Saturday tried to match the talent level and may have ended up exceeding it overall based on the number of big names in attendance.

The latest stop in the camp circuit attracted several hundred of the nation's top athletes and one of the headliners was Cincinnati (Ohio) defensive end Adolphus Washington, who excelled during one-on-one drills once he got into the swing of things.

“I did pretty good,” Washington said. “I messed up in the one-on-ones the first time but overall I did pretty good. I came and bounced back.”

The 6-foot-3, 260 pound end had really good footwork outside of one rep and had a nice array of pass rush moves. He's compact but explosive and proved he was one of the top guys at his position.

“It's good competition to see who I have to go against in my class,” he said. “It's lets you know that other people are out there working. Just because you are one of the top (guys) in the country doesn't mean much, they're coming after you because you are one of the top guys.”

The Taft High product has the frame to add on weight and perhaps even the ability to move inside for some reps at defensive tackle. With almost too many scholarship offers to count, Washington has seen plenty of schools stop by during the evaluation period, including some big names in the past week.

Notre Dame on Monday, Alabama, Ohio State, Tennessee,” he rattled off. “It was a couple of them.”

As hectic as things have been for Washington, he's managed to trim his list of schools down as he starts to focus on the recruiting process and the journey to eventually making a commitment.

“I actually have a top five: Ohio State, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan and Miami in Florida,” Washington said. “I'm not really crossing anybody out but that's my top five that I like right now.”

Washington hasn't taken any unofficial visits to see those five schools yet but he is about to put a check mark next to one of those schools pretty soon to indicate he's visited.

“Me and Dwayne (Stanford) are going to Michigan next week,” Washington said. “We're looking forward to looking at their roster, seeing how the social environment is, graduation rates, how do African-American students do at their school and things like that.”

The Wolverines are one of the programs that meet the criteria that Washington is looking for in a school. While he's still a few months away from pulling the trigger, the very confident defensive end knows what he is looking for and won't commit until he's comfortable that the school has all that he's looking for.

“I'm looking into academics first,” he said. “Do they have the major I'm trying to get my degree in? What's the social life there and see how the team works together and stuff like that.”

Washington has not really eliminated any schools but at this point in the process it will be hard for others outside his top five to jockey into position to land his signature on Signing Day. Even within his top five pretty much set, there are two schools who have been on Washington from the beginning and continue to recruit him as a top priority.

“Michigan is actually recruiting me the hardest,” he said. “Coach (Greg) Mattison and Coach (MarkSmith. Alabama too with Coach Sal (Sunseri).”

Though Washington didn't take home defensive end MVP Saturday, he was among the most polished pass rushers at the camp and you can easily tell why plenty of the nation's top programs are after the talented defender.

Stanford stands out too

While Washington was a stud on defense, his Cincinnati Taft High teammate Dwayne Stanford might have been even more impressive at wide receiver Saturday. With an outstanding frame and polished pass catching skills, it's easy to see why he is also among the country's best at the receiver position.

“I got to see where I was at today against some of the top DB's in the area and I think I showed I did pretty well,” Stanford said. “I didn't know any of them but I know from watching them that they were pretty good and knew what they were doing.”

Like many of the attendees, attending the Nike Camp was about more than just going through one-on-ones and catching passes.

“To get teaching, that's the main reason why I came here,” he said. “The first three hours I got teaching and I learned a lot about my footwork and route running. A lot of good stuff here. And also just to see where I'm at against the other top receivers out here. I'm always looking to get better against the best.”

The 6-foot-4, 200 pound wide out also listed a few of the schools to stop by Taft in the past few weeks and for Stanford, every school that does come by to evaluate him serves as motivation and part of the drive to be one of the best in the country at his position.

“This week we had Tennessee stop by, North Carolina, USC was here, some others,” Stanford said. “It's been busy. I'm working to get better and prove to these colleges that I am what they see.”

With a busy spring full of things to do, Stanford hasn't had a chance to see many of the schools who have extended him a verbal scholarship offer. With school about to be wrapped up, his schedule will be jam-packed with unofficial visits over the coming month or two this summer.

“Basically, I want to get around to all of these colleges on the East Coast,” he said. “Next weekend I'm going to try and make it up to Michigan and see them. I'm going to be on the road all of June.”

One of the things that he is looking to do is continue to play with his close friend and teammate Washington at the next level. While there's always talk of package deals in college football recruiting, it appears that it will be very hard to separate the two from signing with the same program.

“Definitely,” Stanford confirmed of the duo's playing together. “We're going to take most of our visits together. We'll sit down and see where's the best school for us individually and where the best school for us is together. Hopefully our individual schools are the same school that fits us best together. We definitely want to stay together and it's something we'll try and make happen.”

Unlike Washington however, Stanford hasn't narrowed down his list of over 20 offers and counting. It's clear that he wants to be able to do some research on a school and if possible see them for himself before naming a few top teams in the mix for his services.

“No, no really because I haven't taken any visits yet,” he said. “I took one to Cincinnati and Ohio State but those were during the season. Now I'm going to take these visits and really focus on seeing if it's a school that I can really see myself at.”

Academics are important to Stanford and his parents. While that is one of his top criteria in selecting a school, so too is how he fits into a program and the town that he'll live in for four or five years.

“I just want to see how the coaches use me and stuff like that,” he said. “I just want to feel like it's a good fit for me. The atmosphere and how it feels and that I like what's going on there.”

Mahone leaves lasting impression

Already one of the top running backs in the Midwest, Austintown (Ohio) athlete William Mahone didn't need to stop by Ohio State to show what he could do. But there he was at the Nike Camp, showing off a good burst, soft hands and many of the skills that get colleges from across the country excited just thinking about landing him.

“I felt like I did really good today, this is one of the best camps I've been to,” Mahone said. “There was some great competition out there today and I had a really good time.”

The 5-foot-10, 210 pounder was among the bigger running backs to show up and he tried to use that to his advantage during several of the drills. While he was best in the open field and taking on linebackers one-on-one, he did have to make a slight adjustment when it came to blocking individual defenders.

“I picked up on some more footwork drills and I need to work on my blocking,” he said. “I was surprised that we did some blocking today, I really wasn't ready for it. I kind of struggled with that a little bit so I know I need to work on it.

“It's different (without pads). You can't have that mentality where you want to take somebody out, you have to hold back a little.”

Already holding a double-digit offer list, Mahone continues to pick up scholarships weekly. The evaluation period has seen plenty of assistant coaches roll by Fitch High to get a look at him this spring and see how impressive he is in person.

“The most recent would be Minnesota about a week ago,” he said. “We've had Stanford stop by our high school. Pitt, Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State and a lot of other schools.”

Most of Mahone's offers come from schools in the Midwest or along the East Coast. While many are several hundred miles away from home, he's still on the fence as to what's an acceptable distance away from home he's comfortable going.

“It would be kind of nice to stay home but then again, if I need to go, I'm going to go,” he said. “I guess you could say I'm on the fence about distance away from home.”

There's plenty of other factors that will go into his decision however.

“I want a good relationship with the coaching staff, I want to feel like a family,” he said. “Coaching stability. I also want to be able to get on the field as soon as I can.”

Mahone has taken a few unofficial visits already this past year and has seen Michigan State, Pitt, Penn State and West Virginia already. He plans on visiting Notre Dame and Boston College in the near future but there already seems to be one school emerging as a leader for his commitment.

“The best relationship I have with coaches is at Pittsburgh,” Mahone said. “They're just warm and embracive. I went down there for my first visit with the new staff and they were real cool. I went back a month later, me and my mom went down there, and it was even better. I saw the campus and feel like I can have great success there.”

The plan is to narrow his list of schools down this summer and then take all five official visits before verbally committing sometime during the season.

Knapp stands out along the offensive line

One of the great things about the Nike Camps are the chance to see a player perform well that might be a little under the radar. Portage (Mich.) offensive tackle Kyle Knapp isn't heavily recruited but he has seen his stock rise as of late and he did nothing to slow it down Saturday, picking up the group's MVP award and shutting down some big time defensive linemen in one-on-ones.

“It's just a great feeling, I've been working at it for a long time, non-stop,” Knapp said. “I'm ready to continue it and keep working my butt off to keep it going.”

The 6-foot-4, 265 pound Knapp has a great frame and looks to be a natural left tackle. He could get a little stronger but is very athletic and moves well, stays balanced when pass blocking and has a very quick drop step. He needed all his skills during the competition given the talent he had to face.

“There were some really good defensive linemen,” he said. “They're quick and big but I feel like I handled myself well. I'm going to continue to work on my pass blocking and keep going. The coaches helped me with everything.”

Knapp is still a bit under the radar in the Midwest but is seeing his stock rise after performing well at several camps this spring. While he has yet to pick up his first BCS offer, he's got a solid group of schools who have extended a scholarship and will likely pick up a lot more once coaches get a hold of his film.

“I've got six right now, Western Michigan, Toledo, Ball State, Bowling Green, FIU and South Alabama,” he said. “There are some other schools talking with me but I'm not sure who's close to offering. Michigan has come by for a transcript visit. Iowa has come by for a transcript visit, Syracuse too.”

It will be a busy summer for Knapp with the trip to Columbus being just a pitstop along the way. He doesn't mind competing and will have plenty of chances to prove he's one of the better prospects in the region along the offensive line.

“I've got a lot of camps coming up,” he said. “I'm going to a one-day Wisconsin camp, Iowa's Elite camp. I'm going to go to Notre Dame... I've got them all, I've got a loaded schedule.”

Knapp said will wait until the fall to see how his recruiting plays out and likely commit halfway through the season.


- While plenty of parents were wearing Ohio State gear on the sidelines of the camp, there wasn't any being worn on the field. Ironically it was archival Michigan's maize and blue that littered the field. Quarterback Shane Morris, linebacker James Ross and cornerback Terry Richardson were among the top performers and represented their future school well on enemy territory. Richardson was the most recent to commit to going to Ann Arbor for college and discussed his verbal pledge last week.

“I committed to Michigan because I felt comfortable with them,” he said. “I did like Alabama and all the other schools but I felt the best at Michigan and that's why I picked them. I have a lot of friends going there and we'll make it happen up there.”

Richardson injured his hamstring at a track meet the night before running the 200 meters but still managed to lock down opposing receivers. He was one of several players whispering in a few recruits' ears about how good it was to be a Michigan man.

- In addition to Knapp taking home offensive line MVP honors, Morris took home quarterback MVP. Kansas City (Mo.) Ondre Pipkins was a terror during one-on-ones and was defensive line MVP while Ray Harris was running backs MVP, Tre Parmalee was wide receiver MVP, Jaylon Smith was linebackers MVP and Sebastian Smith was defensive back MVP.

- Others that impressed along the defensive line were Michigan commit Mario Ojemudia, who should be a very good outside linebacker at the next level, Se'Von Pittman, class of 2013 defensive end Jason Hatcher, tackle Sheldon Day, Pipkins, Alex Pace and Dayrl Goldsmith.

- The defensive backs had a very good day, with Cameron Burrows, Marcus Foster, Shaquille Davis and De'Van Bogard among those that impressed. The linebacker group was also deep and the aforementioned Ross was one of the top players in space. Class of 2013 prospect Mike McCray looked good and David Perkins also impressed with how well he moved.

- Stanford was easily the top guy at the receiver position, using his long arms to snag whatever was thrown his way. He's a good, polished route runner who gets into and out of breaks well and has deceptive speed for someone with his build. Corey Smith, Kevin Davis, Jeremy Graves, Gervon Simon and Urston Smith also performed well. Zeke Pike bounced back from a rough day at the Elite 11 to throw the ball much better. Pat Dill was another signal caller who looked good.


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Posted on: May 24, 2011 6:09 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Ohio State isnt looking at sanctions. get your facts straight. No matter what anyone at the major networks feels or says should happen. Jim Tressel is looking at sanctions. the university has not been held accountable by the NCAA and only the coach is under investigation - for lying about that incident.
Really JSB????  Since when did the NCAA announce OSU wasn't accountable for the actions of THEIR head coach and where is this announcement that there will be no further sanctions coming down on OSU???

You might want to let the NCAA know so they can stop the NCAA investigation that is still ongoing.  No reason for them to waste their time since they already sent you a judgement regarding those issues.  LOL

The only thing released so far is a preliminary report to OSU.  The investigation is ongoing and will be for some time.  I wouldn't be shocked if it takes the NCAA a couple more months before they finish it up, as they move at a snail's pace.  To say no more sanctions are going to be handed down and OSU is going to be let off without any other penalties is nothing more than a fabrication.

Until the investigation is finalized and the NCAA hands down their final judgement, you, nor I, could say what is going to happen to OSU or Tressel.

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Posted on: May 23, 2011 3:33 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Ohio State isnt looking at sanctions. get your facts straight. No matter what anyone at the major networks feels or says should happen. Jim Tressel is looking at sanctions. the university has not been held accountable by the NCAA and only the coach is under investigation - for lying about that incident. Nothing more nothing less. the NCAA has declared FORMALLY just a month ago that no further punishment would happen to the 5 players suspended 5 games. What people miss is that means that would include not stripping any past wins away, or suspending them for more games, or taking away their bowl game this season or the future. by clear definition those penalties would HURT the already suspended student atheletes and all athletes on the team even more - which they have said - again for the idiots out there: they will NOT punish the student athletes any further in this case.

Since: Mar 25, 2008
Posted on: May 23, 2011 3:27 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Laughable? Rick Pitinio is coaching Louisville right? Thats on the same level as Ohio State Michigan in basketball terms (I am a fan of Ohio State and Kentucky so I do know what I am talking about). How about Gary Moeller, ex Ohio State captain, becoming the head coach at Michigan? Or - Bo Schembechler - Ohio State assistant - taking over the Wolverines? Would Ohio State accept someone from Michigan - No. Then again Les Miles may have gone to Michigan, but he is FROM OHIO. Ohio State fans wouldnt want Les Miles because he's a terrible x's and o's coach who takes too many risks, but being from Michigan isnt the issue. clearly Michigan and everyone else comes to the state of Ohio for their coaches  the true cradle of coaches. So Ohio State will have no problem getting a great coach with strong Ohio Ties (no apologies to John Cooper). Proof here is a list of coaches who are either from Ohio, played football at an ohio college, or learned how to coach in ohio: Bob Stoops, Jim Tressel (ohio State), Bo Schembechler (ohio State), Ara Parseghian, Woody Hayes (ohio State), Gary Moeller (ohio state), Urban Meyer (ohio state), Les Miles, Glenn Mason (ohio state), Bo Pelini (ohio State), Mark Dantonio (Ohio State), Gary Pinkel, Nick Saban, Pete Carroll (ohio State) - and lets not forget where Don Shula and Chuck Noll and a little known guy names PAUL BROWN (Ohio State ex head coach) are from - ummm that would be O H I O.  Most likely forgot a bunch. you get the point.

Besides that the Wall Street Journal says so.


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Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Now i dont think that the school in ohio's coach is going anywhere, but if he does, what makes this schools fans think that Urban Meyer and Les Miles will suddenly want to come and coach that school?

I agree on all counts, at least to a degree.  I believe Tressel will remain at OSU through the 2011 season.  Whether he is still OSU's coach in 2012 remains to be seen.  I'm still not sure he survives this issue, which largely will be dictated by the NCAA ruling after the August meeting.  Should Tressel be ousted, I can't see OSU hiring Urban Meyer or Les Miles.  Urban would likely be available and has been an OSU assistant, but he is a big-personality type guy.  That would not fly well in Columbus.  As for Les Miles, the thought that a Michigan man would come to OSU is laughable. 

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Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

When Jim Tressel retires at Ohio State, it will be a wide open field.  Luke Fickell just happens to be the man on the spot in a very unexpected situation.  He has no head coaching pedigree.  And Urban Meyer -- who knows?  He didn't resign Florida, to wait for Ohio State.  With the cloud hanging over Tressel, he will probably stay on for years now to clear up his image. 

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Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

I love how fans of that school in ohio think that their school will always dominate the rivalry.  Look at the past 4 decades, its pretty even.  70-90 it was pretty even for wins. Michigan dominates the 90's and now that school in ohio has ruled the 00's.  But what makes them think that it doesnt just go back to the status quo and we start seeing alot of 5-5 or 6-4 decades in this rivalry.  

Now i dont think that the school in ohio's coach is going anywhere, but if he does, what makes this schools fans think that Urban Meyer and Les Miles will suddenly want to come and coach that school?  If Les turns down the school he played for and was an assistant coach for, i highly doubt he will suddenly go to the school in ohio.  Besides, Miles has a great situation down at LSU, why would he leave the SEC right now? 

Look, I highly doubt any Michigan fan is going to suddenly assume that Michigan is going to suddenly rule the Big 10, but what they are looking for is improvement.  Staying in games against elite teams with a chance to win is what we are looking for.  If Michigan is a 7-5 or 8-4 but they dont lose by more then 10 points and are never "out" of games, this will be an improvement.  But I dont think that fans of that school in ohio should be too cocky just yet.  Michigan will be back and with Nebraska coming to the Big 10 as well, they will have some major competition for the Big 10 title.

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Posted on: May 22, 2011 10:38 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Once again you clowns attempt to incite something thats BS. There's so much defensive talent in Ohio this year some others will get a few.  The left overs that is, as usual. Tressel isn't going anywhere... and the beatings will continue for the chickensheet and blue. Ohio State has to offer half these guy's this clown is touting before they have the option to attend.  When Tressel does retire Luke Fickel steps right in. Surely the bottomfeeders in blue have to win a game sooner or later. Keep Prayin... Sad sacks

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Posted on: May 22, 2011 10:37 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

There kids better reconsider schools if the want to see post season play....I mean bowl bans are on the horizon! Jess Sayin'

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Posted on: May 22, 2011 10:33 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

Applause all around. I'm with ya here buddy. I'm a long suffering Lions fan, and man it has been brutal. Hang tough, and good luck this coming year.

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Posted on: May 22, 2011 10:29 pm

Taft duo shines at Ohio State Nike Camp

albert, you're delusional. Why would Urban Meyer or Les Miles want to go to OSU when they are looking at sanctions? While I respect Tressel, and what he's done for the Buckeyes it is obvious that he hasn't been on the up and up, and the University is going to pay a cost. What that will be is not exactly known, but there will be some sanctions, and not just a slap on the wrist.

As far as Hoke is concern he left SDSU on good terms, and professionally, as was mentioned earlier. You may be refering to some of the bad press he received when he left, but you have to expect some sour grapes from part of the press and fan base. He was sucessful there and who wouldn't be upset when someone is turning around your program and then leaves you for a better opportunity. (One that he informed SDSU that if offered the position he would take it)
Hell when Rich Rod left WV he was blasted in the press, little did they know at the time it was probably the best thing that happened to the school. Rich Rod was a tool. OSU has had it's run, and you should be thankful for it, but now it is time for the Maize and Blue to regain the crown, also remember we have a new heavy weight entering the Big 10 (12) this year. Nebraska. They will be a force to be reckoned with.

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