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Clemson narrowly misses on Clowney

Posted on: February 14, 2011 3:09 pm
Posted by Bryan Fischer

In the words of Ricky Bobby from the movie Talladega Nights, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” The same saying applies to college football recruiting but in the case of Clemson and uber-recruit Jadeveon Clowney, it was a very close second to South Carolina.

That much is apparent after reading what Clowney and his mother told Charleston Post and Courier beat writer Travis Haney.

“When I did go to Clemson, I did like Clemson a lot,” Josenna Clowney said. “When it all came down, it was his decision. That’s what he wanted to do. There’s where he wanted to go. I think he was more comfortable with the South Carolina staff and the people down there.

Coach (Dabo) Swinney came to my house and he sat down and he talked to me. He really sounded good about Clemson. We took the visit. We weren’t even going to take the Clemson visit. He talked us into coming to Clemson.”

The in-home visit with Swinney and subsequent visit certainly left Ms. Clowney holding the Tigers in high regard.

“I really liked the way he talked me to me and the things he said,” she told “(Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier) talked good, too, about their school and their program. It just seems more sincere from Dabo.”

The comments from Clowney’s mother are certainly interesting but mesh with what many had heard prior to today’s announcement, that the Tigers became a major player down the stretch. Clowney himself also offered some insight into how Clemson and Alabama (his other finalist) were major players before South Carolina made a push.

“(In 2009-10), I thought Clemson and Alabama had a little more to offer,” Clowney said. “They’re big schools. Clemson’s in the ACC and they were winning at that point in time.”

Judging by a few of the message board posts, finishing second isn’t much of a consolation for Clemson fans. I would suggest they take a look at their class of 2011 though.

It’s a pretty good list of talent and should make up for the sting of not getting Clowney’s signature today. Sort of.


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Posted on: February 23, 2011 11:36 pm

Clemson narrowly misses on Clowney

Well, that just goes to show that your backwards a$$ knows nothing about Clemson.  Athletes go there because we have some of the best facilities in college sports, unbelievable alumni support through IPTAY, and a family atmosphere where Moms and Dads know their children will learn how to spell.  Unlike your post above.....exactly what is a "loosing season" anyway?  Oh, and for the record, Clemson has at least seven major hotel brands and 82 restaurant listings online.  And we alumni drink ourselves stupid at over a dozen great bars.

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Posted on: February 15, 2011 10:15 pm

Clemson narrowly misses on Clowney

Clemson has made it's mistakes in the past and was punished for it. Whether or not they learned their lesson may be up for debate as it can be said of any college program these days trying to compete at a high level of competition every year. Where Clemson is located may actually be the reason why many athletes choose to go there. It was reported that was one of the reasons why Clowney was considering it. It reminded him alot of his hometown. When the univeresity exists in the middle of nowhere the sports program flourishes because it is the entertainment in town for the locals. Fan base is solid and loyal because they feel like they are 'part' of the team.

Also the old stereotype of Clemson being the backwater college is no longer valid. US News & World Report-a well known and recognized publication that ranks universities acording to academics, lists Clemson as the 64th best national university and the 23rd best public institution in the nation. The have highly repected Engineering programs and the Master's program Architecture School is considered one of the best in the nation. The main university campus consists of about 1700 acres of amazing landscape and boarders Lake Hartwell which is a major recreational area. The sports facilities are world class-the football stadium being one of the largest in college football and larger than many pro stadiums, was used by the Carolina Panthers in their first year in existense while their stadium was being built. While the football program has been in the middle of the pack for several years now, other sports programs consistantly contend for national honors, i.e. baseball, soccer, golf among others. Athletes are attracted to the 'family' atmosphere where the different sports support one another.  The ACC is always looked at as an also ran in the football arena, yet they consistantly send 7-9 teams a year to bowls not because of their win-loss records but because of their fan base that is good for the game. The ACC basketball programs, which also have been having down years lately, still generate alot of interest national which brings exposure that the student athletes who want a pro career are looking for.  The ACC, despite having not a high win-loss record in football also sends several top recruits to the pros regularly (as reported here on CBSSports).

So those top athletes are looking at Clemson because of the overall program available to them and not just the win-loss. The chance of exposure that is needed if they choose to continue their career after college is there. Yes many are very competitive and of course want to win games but they are still young guys who also want to enjoy their time while they are there. I know of three young guys personally who where very good HS players who went on to play college ball at universities where they thought they were going to win and get alot of playing time and it turned out far from that and they quit the game all together. I guess different people have different priorities and Clemson fits the priorities of many top athletes.

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Posted on: February 15, 2011 2:42 pm

Clemson narrowly misses on Clowney

One day there may be someone who covers sports who goes to Clemson or Auburn to actually find out what is going on there.  Clemson is a town with two Motel 6's, an all you can eat buffet restaurant, and three bars where students drink themselves stupid.  How any athlete would choose to go there is worth investigation.  Maybe a cash payment to relatives (what say, Cam?) does the job.  The bottom line is that Clemson had a loosing season and they had three number one draft picks on their team.  Go figure.  If you want to grow into a farmer, Clemson is perfect.  If you want to grow into a winner, pick another place.

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Posted on: February 14, 2011 5:39 pm

Clemson narrowly misses on Clowney

with or without, this team looks like a top 10 team in a year or 2

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